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Latin America: Development and Policy-Making.
Tufts University, Ex-College Spring 2017

Course Objectives

1. The objective of this course is to equip students aiming to work in development in Latin America with theoretical, practical, and language abilities to succeed in this environment.

2. Understanding the policy making process and key actors involved in it in Latin America.

3. Comprehending and introducing the key topics for development policies in Latin America from a theoretical perspective and its applied implementation.

4. Improving Spanish skills to achieve a proficient language level, which allows the student to work and research in development topics in Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Joaquín Torres-García (Uruguayan. 1874–1949). Arte constructivo. 1932. Oil on cardboard. Private collection, Switzerland. © Sucesión Joaquín Torres-García, Montevideo 2016.

Development Spanish Glossary

This is a collaborative work, to build up vocabulary related to development policies and policy making in Spanish. The terms submitted here were provided by the instructor and students with the aim of extending the vocabulary in the topics of the course. This open collaborative work is available for consultation but be aware terms can vary locally within countries.



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